Little Wonders

I recently spent an hour with one of my favorites. At 40, Carolynn’s a new mom…again. It’s a welcome and exhausting surprise. Baby Nora is beautiful, bright eyed and almost never set down. I quickly discovered that she notices everything with those earnest blue eyes, engaging with my camera, her mama and light at every chance. Carolynn is clearly smitten and happy to be spending most of her time carrying, changing clothes (both hers and Nora’s) and relishing this one last, very happy, surprise baby.

I ‘m still thinking about how meaningful this  session was for me. The spirit that a baby brings into a home is special for many reasons, but for me, this day reminded me of the importance of simplicity and how it brings with it a more concentrated ability to love.

3L3A0601 If you embrace motherhood it’s still exhausting, but maybe less-so emotionally  because you’ve made the conscious decision to put a lot of things down so you can pick up what’s most important.  I am currently trying to do this with my own life, put things down, pick things up.  I like where it’s taking me.

I can see where it’s taking this mama. And it’s good.



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