Life is Messy

I spend a whole lot of my time trying to make my life perfect. Was I ruined by the Normal Rockwell images of my youth? Did I subscribe to Martha Stewart for one-too-many years? Do I honestly believe that the condition of my front door (awful by the way) tells the story of what’s inside? The answer to all of the these is “yes, probably” My hubby likes to say that we need to become really comfortable with “the gap” (not the clothing store btw, I’d sure jump on that idea) . The gap between our expectations and our reality. This is where we all live. We set high standards for ourselves and often others, and then we must learn to live with the reality that we’re all reaching for some pretty lofty goals and failing over and over again. And we’re supposed to. So I say, let’s look at, read about and learn how to become better. Let’s never lower our standards but always strive to be more. And more than anything, for me, I’m trying to remember that it’s messy, discouraging, down-right painful and extremely beautiful to  just keep reaching.


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