Brave and Little

Nearly seven years ago our oldest daughter was planning to participate in a foreign teaching opportunity in Mexico. We paid the deposit with faith that somehow we would find a way when it was time to pay the remainder of her costs, but we were experiencing a serious financial low in our lives and had no idea what could be done. When the time approached for the balance to be paid, after much thought and prayer, I had the idea that I could offer to take photos for donations to the cause. It worked!! In that one month we made more money than we did in any other month of the year. It wasn’t a lot of money but it was a lot more than anything we had seen in many months. Off she went to Mexico and in that decision a business was born.

Recently I attended a photography workshop where the speaker talked about how to avoid burn-out as a professional photographer. Guess what? It’s never happened to me. I’ve had some serious learning experiences, failed to please clients,  undercharged and over-worked, and on and on, but I’ve never felt burned-out. Maybe I haven’t done enough work to get burned out or maybe I just really love what I do. Or both. But, I was still  intrigued by the idea of staying fresh and always loving my craft so I tuned in. Here are two of my take-aways 1. Try new ways of capturing people, like a new angle or a new lens or even a new way of using that lens. 2. Find out what you really love to do and become a specialist at it.

You can probably see how these two ideas really work together and  how oppositional they are as well. I am still, even after 7 years, very much exploring my craft. But I am starting to see the world in a new light and it’s definitely causing me to feel more brave

Soon after this class I took Max for a walk in the woods.  As part of  this session I practiced using my lens baby and freelensing. It was rather magical.This was the first time I dared to do this with a client and the results made me more than a little bit happy with the results. I’m still little as a photographer, but I’m little making a big difference. Shouldn’t we really all feel that way?


My first session after this class was with Max. His mom came along, and reluctantly found her way into some of the photos. I practiced freelensing…



And I practiced using my new lens baby.


I did something I’ve rarely done on purpose with children,… I shot from far away.



I had made a conscious decision to just let Max wander and I would watch. I’ve always let children do there thing after getting the shots I wanted, but this time- I made this my primary focus…. It was magical and the beginning of breathing more life into my photos


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