8 Days Fasting is Good for the Heart

I recently completed an 8 day Social Media fast which included Instagram and Facebook. I learned some important truths about my time, my impulses, my thinking and my business.  Possibly the most important truth about me? I like face-to-face communication the very best.  It’s worth the investment, because it almost always involves those closest to me. It also allows for a depth of feeling and understanding that can’t fully be achieved in any other way. I think most of us are drawn to social media because it connects us with people, but if we aren’t careful it can become our primary source of connection. I think that’s why, as studies have shown, that spending too much time on your phone or your computer can lead to self-worth issues, depression and anxiety.  What I have always cherished about my job is connecting with people.


Consider this session right here: This is  Ellcy.  She has a magnificent little heart and an imagination to match. Before we even started I was presented with a one-of-a kind drawing of a Pegasus. For the entire session she twirled, blew ripe dandelion seeds, climbed trees and looked for fairies. She informed me that she is part Ninja, part cat, part mermaid and part bird. I know, you like her already…..


These kind of interactions are a gift of being present.



Recently I took her an edited photo of herself  with wings and a butterfly. She gasped when she saw it and said “I didn’t know there was a butterfly!” Her mom and I just smiled and winked at each other.



If I had to send in a remote controlled camera to do my work I’m pretty sure I would have given up on this dream-of-a -job a long time ago.  I still really want a drone though- but that’s another story.


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